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The last time I wrote a yearly review was in 2013 and you can read that here. 2013 was probably the most significant year in my journey as a photographer because that year, God transformed my dreams of becoming a full-time professional wedding photographer into reality. If you re
We've been flat out since Spring so I'm taking a short 4-day break for some much needed family time. Imagine it looking something like this shot of Stewart & Michelle only our version doesn't include a convertible mini. We do however have the added romance of a baby seat and
BUT FIRST... Before I get onto my first post on this new project for 2014 I probably should clarify some things. Firstly I’m not paid in any way (except perhaps in smiles) to write about these businesses and I’m not reviewing them (even though it may look like I am). You’ll find
Okay so this post is two weeks late and I meant to post it on the 31st of December but after my last wedding of 2013 I just wanted a break from my computer so I left all the technology at home and spend a few days on a farm with my wife, daughter and close friends. I write a revi