So here is a preview of Doug and Emily’s wedding last Thursday. It was pretty amazing with beautiful weather given we’ve had some pretty shocking weather this Spring so far.

Usually I give my brides some direction as they’re not generally comfortable in front of a camera and I’ll say something like… “don’t worry, most of my brides aren’t models and I’ll make you look as great as I possibly can”. Which of course I always do my best but this time I actually had a bride who was a model. Not only that but an instructor of models so at one point during the day it almost felt like cheating… I probably could have just put my camera on a tripod and Emily’s photos would still have been gorgeous.

Her choice of flowers and dresses was amazing and whilst getting ready she said to her flower girls “you look like fairies in a forest woodland’ to which I replied “now we need to find a forest woodland!”. Of course we didn’t have that but Emily showed me some inspiration for the look she was going for with her bridal party so I actually changed the way I usually shoot bridal parties to make it more like I have for styled shoots and editorial work and I think it worked beautifully.


Makeup by the talented Rebekah Clark (
Hair by the friendly and very pregnant Sandra Halpin