I haven’t blogged engagement shoots for a long time now, not because I don’t want to show them but usually I don’t have a lot of time on my hands so I tend to favour the wedding posts.

It’s no secret why I’m a wedding photographer today. I always tell my couples that my primary goal is not to take pretty pictures… it’s to capture who they are and how they feel at such a pivotal moment in their lives and I do it so that hopefully some day in some way I can help save their marriage.

I know it may sound idealistic and some might say wishful thinking but I do care about whether or not they stay together.

That aside though, I can’t just say all that and not actually have the ability to take beautiful images… That goes without saying so I work VERY hard to push the envelope and produce work that I’m proud of. Today at Emma and Stu’s pre-wedding session I was able to do just that… results that showcase the kind of imagery I love.

I hope you do too.