This wedding is a favourite of mine and a perfect example of what happens when you allow us to push our creativity when telling your wedding story!

I met Ming Hsien and Karen back in October 2012. They were guests at Shane and Fiona’s wedding and loved my work but weren’t getting married for another 18 months. I love when clients book early and I do receive many enquiries for weddings over a year in advance.

It’s a win-win situation because for me, it clearly works well as I can start planning for the future and for my couples (well from their perspective) they usually say something like:

“It’s good to get the major things out of the way.

But you know what… they’re going to get more value than they realise.

When a couple looks through my website and likes my work enough to meet with me, it means they’d probably be happy if they got the same level of photography for their wedding.

But here’s the thing… by booking early, they think they’ve booked me to shoot their wedding but in actual fact, they haven’t.

They’ve booked future me… the 18-months-from-now version of me which is a like a leveled-up Jason Tey.

I have no intention of staying stagnant in this craft. I know my primary purpose is to be involved in my couples’ lives and be part of their marriage story but secondary to that is a desire to really push the envelope. To revolutionise what people are used to getting from their wedding photographer in Perth. There are things that I can see and do now in this craft that I had no idea about 18 months ago and that makes this job so much fun.

Here is an example of exactly that.

Ceremony: UWA Sunken Gardens
Reception Venue: Pan Pacific Hotel Perth
Hair & Makeup: Creations by Kassy

20140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-00520140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-01320140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-01820140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-01920140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-03120140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-03220140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-01620140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-03320140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-043JASON TEY PHOTOGRAPHY - www.jasontey.com20140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-05720140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-05820140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-05920140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-06020140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-08320140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-08620140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-09220140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-09420140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-09920140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-11120140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-110JASON TEY PHOTOGRAPHY - www.jasontey.com20140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-14120140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-14020140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-15720140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-143JASON TEY PHOTOGRAPHY - www.jasontey.com20140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-17320140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-176JASON TEY PHOTOGRAPHY - www.jasontey.com20140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-18720140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-18820140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-18920140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-19220140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-19320140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-19620140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-21020140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-21120140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-21220140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-21320140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-21420140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-21520140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-22620140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-23420140426-MingHsien-Karen-Preview-221