Krystle and Patrick were married on a warm summer day at Caversham House in February. The first email I got from Krystle was back in August 2014 about 18 months before her wedding. I was in China at the time visiting my wife’s family and wasn’t due back for another month so we exchanged a LOT of emails…. thousands of words in fact.

From that email exchange I felt like we clicked and spoke the same language. I could definitely see that Krystle was very thorough and organised but had a lot of questions and concerns she wanted addressed. It’s totally understandable as most couples get to meet me before booking and I was out of town for a long time. In her own words Krystle said:

Picking and booking the right photographer is of the utmost importance to me.

So we discussed everything, right down to the process of culling and editing photos. I’m not afraid of any questions, in fact I welcome them because of all the people around on the wedding day, I’m usually the one constant person within reach of the bride and groom throughout the day. So on top of the beautiful images, you’ll get peace of mind and a neverending smile.

Krystle also booked a pre-wedding session which we shot last september because she was a little unsure as to how it felt to have their pictures taken. It was a warmup and I think Patrick was a little uneasy but by the end of it we created some amazing images. I even had the Irish prison officer spinning sparklers and having a laugh. Here are a few  images from that day and the great thing about it was that they were pros on the wedding day:


So now onto the wedding…

Krystle looked just breathless. She had these delicately detailed jewels on her dress that were quite unlike anything I’ve seen.

Below is a recap of the day through our lenses (Adrian and I).

Here are some of the amazing vendors involved:

Venue: Caversham House
Styling: La’Myrtle Style House (so glad I finally got to shoot your work Gemma!)
Videography: Oriss Films (Duane, same with you brother!)
Live Music: Shimmer the Band (legends!)

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