Over the years I’ve read that all photographers should have “personal work” which to me is indirectly saying:

There’s the work you get paid to do… and then there’s work that you REALLY want to do and if you want to be paid to shoot what you want to shoot then personal projects are a means to get there.

From the very beginning, long before I was paid to do so, I wanted to shoot weddings and my reason to do so is tied closely to why I became a photographer and why I love being part of weddings. In a nutshell, I want to help couples keep their marriages together and if you’d like to know more you can read about it here: http://www.ourweddingdate.com.au/blog/5-minutes-with-jason-tey-perth-wedding-photographer

I’ve learnt that a big part of my success in this industry is tied to my “WHY” which in turn drives my purpose and most of the decisions I make for my business. Getting back to the topic of personal work, well I’d say 90% of what I shoot IS what I love to shoot so there isn’t much space for other work but recently I found something outside the wedding sphere that I am interested in and it forms the basis of my first personal project.

There are many successful entrepreneurs and business owners in Perth that we interact with on a regular basis and we usually do so through their products and services but we often overlook the people behind the business. So this is a project on finding out more about the people that run them and what makes them follow their dreams. It’s not a project on their business secrets or behind-the-scenes on their operations but a look at their “WHY” and what drove them to follow their passions.

So what are the criteria for businesses I choose? Well at first it will be businesses that I love or inspire me but the main criteria is that the business must be run by the people that own them. So how will I do this? I’ll talk to the business owner and re-write their story in my own words accompanied by my images so you’ll get an interesting narrative along with insightful images which will allow you to experience their story. I think for me it’ll help with my storytelling but hopefully it can give some inspiration to you as well so next time you step into or buy their product/service it’ll be a richer experience for you.

So who’s first? …

My favourite cafe in Perth which is run by Vic Park locals Catherine and Roland…


This is kinda cool because it will coincide with the launch of their new website and new winter menu.

Stay tuned!