Here is Steve and Sarah’s intimate wedding at Riverbank estate… Two weeks before the wedding I took Steve and Sarah out for their pre-wedding shoot and from that I could tell their wedding was going to be really laid back. Steve isn’t very comfortable having his photo taken (then again not many people are) so we just spent the whole time joking around and laughing. Turns out the three of us have the same sense of humour which is great.

The majority of my weddings are pretty big… by that I’d say over 150 guests… anything up to 400 people. With weddings that size you have a bridal party, tight deadlines, multiple activities and locations that have to be covered. I do love that I get to be there from start to finish but large weddings have layers of pressure piled on top and I get a kick out of being able to deliver beautiful images no matter what gets thrown at me. So if you’re planning a big wedding…

bring it on.

However once in a while I get weddings like this… 70 or so close family and friends, no bridal party and the ceremony takes place at the same place as the reception. The way I shoot doesn’t change but one thing I noticed was that Steve and Sarah were never in a hurry neither were they worried about hiccups in the schedule. They just sat back and enjoyed their wedding from start to finish. Furthermore my wife had emergency surgery two days before which was quite an emotional roller-coaster for us and Sarah even asked me how I was doing and to take it easy (and a break) if I needed to. Can you imagine that… a bride telling her photographer to take it easy?

I love this change in career. You do meet the most wonderful people.

So here is their beautiful wedding…

(With help of course from these amazing vendors)
Bridal Prep Venue: Earlsferry House
Venue: Riverbank Estate
Flowers: Isabella from Blooms On 18
Makeup: Michelle from Michelle C Beauty
Celebrant: Shannon Fleming