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Hello there. I’m Jason Tey a Christian photographer based in Perth, Australia.

In your lifetime there are ‘blips’ that transform your future forever. It could be when you graduate from school, get your first job, move out from home or have your first child. I call these significant moments ‘blips’ because they’re so short in duration (compared to your lifetime) but when you recall them they’re so vivid and nostalgic.

The day you get married is the ultimate ‘blip’. You make promises that start a new life as a family and as the years roll by you’ll recall the day and re-tell the stories with a smile. My desire is to see marriages succeed. I know I can’t control how the story ends but I get to show you the day it began and the thing I love, my speciality, is making your memories vivid, emotional and breathtaking.

For five years I’ve taken this passion to every couple I’ve met and in 2016 I was named by SLR Lounge as one of the 150 best international wedding photographers. My mission is to help you keep the vows you made to each other by reviving everything you felt on your wedding day and make it even better than you remember.

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