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Hello I’m Jason Tey. A Christian photographer based in Perth, Australia.

You probably just read my HOME page and thought:

“that was a bit intense…

There’s a reason for it all. Back in 2012 I had been working as an engineer at a software company for ten years. My wife had just given birth to our baby girl. At a time when you’d want things most stable, my company was struggling to keep its doors open. Forced to leave, I needed to consider where I’d spend the next decade of my working life. Technology is something I am good at, enjoy enough and could easily continue with. The problem is I wasn’t truly passionate about it.

My whole life I’ve had artistic inclinations. I’d painted, sketched, sculpted, sprayed, inked, pressed and airbrushed all through school. After entering university I gave it all up and it was another decade before I picked up photography as a hobby. I felt alive when creating art. Secretly my dream was to be a photographer but the risks were high. With a young family to support, my parents advised against it.

“You really should give up your career as an Engineer and become an artist”… said no Asian parent ever.

I did have two things in my favour that made all the difference. The first was my wife, A woman with unwavering support and belief in me. The second was a purpose! When I was in primary school my parents’ marriage broke down. Much later after I became a Christian I realised that the best foundation for a family is where mum and dad love one another. I thought perhaps if I could show people, remind them somehow that their marriages are precious then maybe I could save one?

That was five years ago. Since then I’ve had the privilege of photographing hundreds of couples from all over the world and it has been a tough journey. I’ve even managed to pick up some accolades along the way. All I’m really doing though is searching for creative ways to bring my purpose and passion for marriage into people’s lives.

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Feel free to enquire about maternity and familiy shoots too!

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