Perth Pre wedding Photography

We are the premier studio for Perth pre wedding photography and destination pre wedding photography in Western Australia.

Over the past 6 years we’ve created beautiful pre wedding artwork for hundreds of local and international couples. When you think of Australia, most people will first think of our major east coast cities: Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. The secret of Perth in Western Australia is that we have some of the most beautiful and accessible natural landscapes in the country. You can travel from the wide open beaches to deep in the Australian countryside all within an hour. One special thing about the west coast is we enjoy beautiful sunsets at the beach. It’s no wonder many couples love travelling to Western Australia for their pre wedding photography.

We take you from every day life and put you into your own fairy tale.  You can search “Perth pre wedding locations” and you’ll be presented with some iconic locations around Perth. Whilst we love shooting at the blue boat house, Fremantle, Kings Park, Hyde Park and other well-known places, we know many more incredible locations. Our unique ability is transforming the ordinary into something breath-taking where you can’t quite tell where you are. We create beautiful images where the romance and connection are obvious.

You should be able to FEEL that a couple are in LOVE. It’s a combination of this connection set in beautiful scenery that makes our artwork unique.

Here is a small collection of some favourite pre-wedding images for you to enjoy. If you’d like to see how we can do this for you please REQUEST A QUOTE.