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What do you get when I shoot your pre-wedding? You get a feeling... something you don't see or feel every day. I want to transport you away from reality and put you in a fairytale. The difference between my stories and the movies is that in my images, the romance is genuine and b
Krystle and Patrick were married on a warm summer day at Caversham House in February. The first email I got from Krystle was back in August 2014 about 18 months before her wedding. I was in China at the time visiting my wife's family and wasn't due back for another month so we ex
The last time I wrote a yearly review was in 2013 and you can read that here. 2013 was probably the most significant year in my journey as a photographer because that year, God transformed my dreams of becoming a full-time professional wedding photographer into reality. If you re
Jeremy & Fran's pre-wedding was one of my last of the wedding season and I always try to encourage my couples to shoot late April/early May because that's when all the colours of Autumn come out. I love Autumn... and this shoot really shows why because as the temperature drop
When Michelle asked me to shoot her pre-wedding she'd looked at a lot of my photos and loved the romantic angel glow I get at sunset. When we went out to shoot her pre-wedding, dense clouds took over the skies and I could tell there was a bit of disappointment on her face. She sm